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Status message: Last update 31-10-2009 18:00


Neuron Intro by Axel Hartmann

50MB, H.264 MP4 file

Neuron Interview Stephan Bernsee

11MB, H.264 MP4 file

Neuron Interview Axel Hartmann

21MB, H.264 MP4 file

Neuron Interview Hans Zimmer

30MB, H.264 MP4 file

Neuron Interview Stefan Rapp

13MB, H.264 MP4 file

Neuron End Credits

3MB, H.264 MP4 file

Neuron Ad Samples

1.3MB, PDF file

Neuron Ad Drafts

130kB, PDF file


Neuron Technical Hints & Tips Manual

1.7MB, v1.22, PDF File by tokabln

Neuron LFO Waveforms

70kB, PDF File

Sound Set 4 Factory List

400kB, PDF File

Model Set 4 Factory List

30kB, PDF File, © Bluecoast

ModelNames text file

4kB, ZIP File

ModelMaker Manual

700kB, PDF File

Neuron User's Manual

10.6MB, PDF File (not sure if this is the final version!)

NeuronVS PlugIn User's Manual

6.6MB, PDF File

Neuron Hook-up and Installation Manual

1.5MB, PDF File

Neuron Handbuch (Deutsch)

11.5MB, PDF File

Neuron Installationshandbuch (Deutsch)

1.5MB, PDF File

Neuron VS Handbuch (Deutsch)

6.5MB, PDF File

<Model Set>

NeuronVS NeuronDB
(not sure if this is the official version, probably not)

1.55GB, ZIP File

Neuron Modelset v4 - part #1
(Models 000-100)

270MB, ZIP File

Neuron Modelset v4 - part #2
(Models 100-199)

250MB, ZIP File

Neuron Modelset v4 - part #3
(Models 200-299)

340MB, ZIP File

Neuron Modelset v4 - part #4
(Models 300-511)

640MB, ZIP File


Neuron Internal Harddisk Image for use with Acronis 9

1.8GB, .RAR File by Christopher Simmons

Neuron Internal Harddisk Image

900MB, Norton Ghost File (this might not work - some users have reported problems with this file)

<Other Stuff>

Neuron Pictures

2MB, ZIP File, (c) Chris Martinic

<Forum Related>

phpBB Banlist

TXT File, updated nightly

<Neuron OS Versions>


325kB, ZIP File


325kB, ZIP File


325kB, ZIP File


325kB, ZIP File


325kB, ZIP File


325kB, ZIP File


325kB, ZIP File


325kB, ZIP File


325kB, ZIP File


325kB, ZIP File


14kB, ZIP File


104kB, ZIP File

File notes:

Updated Neuron Acronis 9 harddisk image (compliments of Christopher Simmons)

Added Neuron Acronis 9 internal harddisk image (compliments of Christopher Simmons)

Added Keyboard magazine ad samples

Added media category (thanks to Sylvain Kepler)

Added model set 4 names PDF file (thanks to Andrew/Bluecoast).

Added Neuron Operating System versions.

Added Chris Martinic's pictures of an open Neuron.

Uploaded various items, PDF files, and ZIP files containing the version 4 model set. Note that after unZIPping you need to place all models in folder called "Models". Also, make sure you download the latest and place it on the root level (ie. at the same level where the "Models" folder is). This is the structure that the Neuron expects.

Uploaded PDF files for LFO and v4 Sound Set.

This backup of the internal hard disk of the Neuron keyboard (kindly provided by geox) is currently the only file available from here. It is provided on an "as is" basis - we have not tried it with any of our Neuron keyboards yet. If you are experiencing difficulties downloading the file try right- (option-) clicking on the link and choose "save as..." to save the file to disk. Note that the download can take some time so it's probably a good idea t let it run overnight.

The image was created with Norton Ghost which is available from Symantec at the following web site:

If you have any comments please contact us at